Lamps for your greenhouse
To allow growth to continue in the dark as well

Lights are indispensable in a greenhouse, we are happy to deliver them to you! Our lights are of high quality and tested according to the standard. We can supply you with different types of lamps.

ALF 1000
This lamp is one of the most popular lamps. Philips has tested this lamp on several aspects. These tests are necessary for approval to use a Philips ballast and Philips light source in the luminaires. The ALF1000 has passed the test and is 100% approved.

For more information about our ALF 1000 lamp you can read our extensive leaflet, which you can download below.

ALF 750 & 600
The design of the ALF 750 is now even better! The bulb with one end has now been replaced by a double end. This means that even more light is generated with the same energy consumption. The ALF 750 lamp is a nice middle way between the ALF 1000 and 600. The ALF750 can be used to create a lot of light without using a lot of heat. Good for your greenhouse, especially if you have a smaller and lower greenhouse.

The ALF 600 is a compact and complete lamp with the highest output. This lamp has also been fully tested for Philips and passed all tests.

For more information about our ALF 750 and 600 lamps you can read our extensive leaflet, which you can download below.

ALF 315
The ALF 315 offers a good combination of efficient use, long life and a colour temperature of your choice. Thanks to its bright 'white' light, the ALF 315 is the best lamp for use in research centres, climate cells and horticulture.

There are two types of light sources, each with its own colour temperature: 4200K or 3100K. This allows you to choose the colour spectrum that suits your needs.

For more information about our ALF 315 lamp you can read our extensive leaflet, which you can download below.

AiF 250
The AiF 250 is the only lamp in the world that can be used for intermediate lighting in a 400V version (instead of 230V). We have developed this variant especially for use in combination with the Son-T lamps. Because they are both connected to 400V, they can easily be used in the same installation.

LED lighting is popular and we therefore offer you the latest technologies on LED lighting. Luiten Greenhouses can offer you LED tubes in all possible colours in two voltages: 230v and 400v. All our LED lighting complies with the IP65 standard and is therefore very suitable for extremely humid areas.

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