Our greenhouses

Luiten Greenhouses is active worldwide in building modern production greenhouses for the horticultural sector. On this page you will find the three greenhouses that we can offer you with a detailed description.

Venlo greenhouse:

  • Capping widths in any desired width with a maximum of 4.80 metres;
  • Standard heights up to 12 metres;
  • Standard aeration systems up to 45% of the ground surface.

Wide-span greenhouse:

  • Widths of cover in any desired width.
  • Standard heights up to 12 metres.
  • Standard aeration systems up to 50% of the ground surface.
  • Double continuous aeration systems.

Convertible greenhouse:

MX 1 system with one shaft under the ridge and one motor per hood, so that both halves of the deck open and close simultaneously.
MX 2 system with a double-grid air system in which the two deck halves can open and close independently of each other.
MX 4 system, such as the MX 2 Cabrio system, but with a deck that closes half deeper than the standard closing point, so that ventilation can be used even when it rains.

  • The width of the roof can be any desired, with a maximum of 4.80 metres.
  • Two halves of the hood that can open and close simultaneously and independently of each other. As well as a convertible top with the possibility of so-called "under aeration". This allows you to keep your convertible top open even when it rains.