About us

Luiten greenhouses was founded some 25 years ago and has been operating from De Lier, Westland for 6 years now. In our well-equipped premises we prepare the ongoing and future projects. In our storage halls, filled with a huge stock of materials, the deliveries are prepared for transport.

Here you will also find the home base of Saarlucon BV, predominantly active in the design, construction and maintenance of all possible greenhouse  structures for mainly the German, Austrian and Swiss horti-market. These premises are also the home of subsidiary companies Salutrans(transport)  and Rimini (machine rental). Open cooperation, a clear target, combined strategy and transparent communication make the Luiten Group a reliable partner. The Luiten Group employs about 50 full-time jobs directly  and through its subcontractors many more full-time jobs, all sharing the passion for the horticultural sector.