We can offer you three types of HortiMaX:

HortiMaX CX500
Easy to use

Why would you make it difficult for yourself? Running a good nursery or gardencenter is difficult enough. That is why we believe that climate technology must be able to be easily and without worry. This is where the HortiMaX CX500 comes in. This machine has been specially developed to make your climate control in the greenhouse as easy as possible, with a central computer!

The benefits are endless, we have listed a few for you:

  • Control over your options
  • Update free
  • Only get the results that are important to you
  • You only pay for the functions that you will use for sure.

HortiMaX MultiMa
Endless possibilities

This HortiMaX has been specially designed for a greenhouse with the highest automation technology. Although this computer is suitable for the most extensive data analyzes, it is a very user-friendly system. This allows you to set up the system entirely to your personal preferences. That means that you as a grower can optimally use the HortiMaX MultiMa to bring your crop to the most efficient possible result.

Easy control from your water and climate 

The HortiMaX-Go! computer is specially designed for the grower who takes his / her first step in protected cultivation. No hassle and easy to operate. The intuitive touchscreen, the mobile apps and the Cloud service also make the system very user-friendly and accessible. With a modest investment you can build a solid foundation for your cultivation, which you can gradually expand.

In addition to easily installing, operating and maintaining this system, you can also operate it anywhere today. Based on the HortiMaX-Go! Cloudbox allows you to easily control your computer through the internet. Via your mobile (suitable for both iOS, Android and Windows) anywhere in the world, at any time. 

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HortiMaX CX500 

HortiMaX MultiMa



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