Luiten Greenhouses

Luiten Greenhouses BV supplies, constructs and installs garden centres, greenhouse-projects, production greenhouses, shading/screening installations and also supplies a huge variety of horticultural inventory.

Our aim is to serve the (inter)national market of horticultural greenhouses and garden centres.

The culture of Luiten Greenhouses BV is open, flexible, reliable and customer minded. Luiten Greenhouses BV is part of the Luiten Group, a dynamic and versatile group of companies, situated in  De Lier, Westland, Holland, the world's most concentrated and innovative horticultural area. Other members of the Luiten Group are: Saarlucon BV, HBS Designs Ltd., Salutrans BV, Rimini BV and Proton BV

Luiten Greenhouses on Dutch television (with subtitles)

Johan van de Nouweland 3

“ Johan van den Nouweland (Marjoland) likes to have partners to grow with”

With Luiten Greenhouses BV we have a warm relationship based on trust and confidence due to the experience with this company over the years. For each challenge we come up with a plan together where all our wishes and requirements best `s right up from A to Z.

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